In the last few years, we have incorporated these tackling-technique drills into our practices.... Club Name. Choose the name that your club members will play under. Uniform. Change the design and color of your club's uniform. Stadium. Choose which Stadium will represent your team. Region. Your region will determine which players in the world you will be able to connect to and play against. Club Policy. The interceptor. They can lift or break a team’s spirit – such is the power of an interception try. This exercise develops defensive and attacking decision making as outside backs look to intercept the ball as it’s passed wide. To intercept the ball, the defender has to hold his run until the last moment, before cutting in towards the pass. Press L or ZL on your controller. This will swap control to the nearest player in your teammates. Go to the receiver of the ball. Wait for the ball to get in the air. Now, hold A or B on your controller. Advertisement. This will allow you to intercept the ball. Be sure to move fast as you take the ball to victory now.

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